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  2. Uni VPN Client remote access endpoint solution

    Uni VPN Client is a terminal software for VPN remote access launched by Huawei. It mainly provides secure and convenient access services for mobile office users to remotely access corporate intranet resources. A typical application scenario is shown in Picture 1.

    Picture 1 Mobile office users use Uni VPN Client to access the corporate intranet through a VPN tunnel

    Uni VPN Client has the following functions:

    Powerful access capability

    Uni VPN Client integrates the three mainstream VPN access technologies of SSL VPN, L2TP VPN and L2TP over IPSec VPN, which can meet users' VPN access requirements in different scenarios. Users do not need to purchase multiple terminal software for different VPN access scenarios, which effectively saves investment costs.

    Flexible tunnel separation technology

    It can support mobile office users to access the corporate intranet resources while also accessing the Internet and local area networks. The various business flows do not affect each other, avoiding business conflicts.

    Smart gateway selection

    Large enterprises usually provide multiple VPN gateways to support a large number of users. When a VPN gateway accesses a large number of users, there will often be insufficient system resources, delayed access response, and excessive users being forced to go offline, which affects the user experience. Mobile office users can use SecoClient's gateway selection function to automatically select a gateway with the fastest response speed among multiple VPN gateways for access. Using the gateway selection function, users choose VPN gateways with a certain degree of randomness, and each user's access request will be loaded on different VPN gateways, effectively alleviating the problem of a single VPN gateway when facing a large number of users. Performance bottleneck. At the same time, this function also improves the user's access speed and success rate.

    Reliable link backup

    In the SSL VPN access scenario, a VPN gateway may provide multiple IP addresses (one IP address corresponds to one link) for mobile office users to access. SecoClient can automatically re-establish VPN tunnels with other IP addresses of the gateway when the current SSL VPN tunnel is interrupted abnormally. After the new VPN tunnel is successfully established, service traffic continues to be transmitted through the newly-built tunnel, reducing the impact of network failures on services and ensuring the continuity of user services.

    Rich authentication methods

    Normally, the VPN gateway provides a variety of different authentication methods for the identity authentication of mobile office users. The number of authentication methods supported by the VPN terminal software determines the number of application scenarios that this software can meet. Uni VPN Client provides a variety of identity authentication methods such as username and password authentication, certificate anonymous authentication, certificate challenge authentication, two-factor authentication, etc., so it can cover most VPN access scenarios.





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